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Author [WANG Zheng-Dang] article list of Virologica Sinica
A diagnostic assay was presented to detect group B rotavirus (GBRV) in fecal specimens with reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT PCR). GBRV double strand RNAs (dsRNA) isolated from stool samples were reverse transcribed and amplified by PCR using two oligonucleotide primers which ..., Abstract
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According to segment 3 sequence of group B rotavirus (GBRV)IDIR strain the 23 bp oligonucleotide was synthesized and labelled with biotin.The probe was purified by HPTLC.Its sensitivity is up to 10pg by a colorimetric reaction.The probe can detect at least 100pg target seuqence of GBRV and does not ..., Abstract
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20 diarrheal samples from piglets of a pig farm were examined with PAGE, and 11 of them manifested the pararotavirus (group C) RNA electrophoretic profile. An acute watery diarrhea occurred after inoculating newborn colostrumdeprived piglets.Rotavirus (group A) ELISA and pararotavirus (group B) ..., Abstract
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