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Author [Wei Zhao] article list of Virologica Sinica
The establishment of highly sensitive diagnostic methods is critical in the early diagnosis and control of Zika virus (ZIKV) and in preventing serious neurological complications of ZIKV infection. In this study, we established micro-droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) and real-time ..., Abstract
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The dengue virus (DENV) is a single-stranded positivesense RNA virus that belongs to the family Flaviviridae (Gubler, 2002), and has four serotypes, DENV1-DENV4, which are transmitted via Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Rodriguez-Roche and Gould ..., Abstract
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Astrovirus is an enteric virus associated with sporadic diarrhea or large outbreaks of gastroenteritis (Mendez et al., 2013). Until 2008, human astroviruses (HAstVs) were classified into eight serotypes—HAstV-1 to HAstV- 8—based on the reactivity of their capsid protein with type-specific ..., Abstract
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