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Author [XIA Xian-zhu] article list of Virologica Sinica
Membrane (M) protein genes of Canine coronavirus (CCoV) domestic strain DXMV, V1 and V2 were successfully amplified, sequenced and analyzed. The full length of all the M gene of DXMV, V1 and V2 strains was 792 bp, encoding 263 amino acids. The initial 17 amino acids as appeared to be a signal ..., Abstract
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The nucleocapsid protein gene (N) located 108 to 1679 situation of Canine distemper virus (CDV) genome and was immunogenicity protein with strong conservatism, so N gene was choosed as aim gene. A shuttle plasmid pVAXΔE3LPN containing the gene encoding the nucleocapsid protein of CDV was ..., Abstract
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The rationale of this study was to elucidate the etiological agent characteristics and pathogenic mechanisms of the Avian H5N1 influenza virus in mammals, and to offer a platform for evaluating vaccines and drugs against AIV. Male BALB/c mice (18~20g) were anesthetized by inhalation of ether and ..., Abstract
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The intercellular adhension molecular-1(ICAM-1)and it’s its receptors in the mice’s lungs of HPAIV and control mice pneumonia were detected by using immunohistochemistry staining after infected mice with Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV). The expressive level of ..., Abstract
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To construct a new type of vaccine for dog Rabies prevention, Canine adenovirus type-2 was developed for Rabies virus glycoprotein expression. A 1044bp fragment of the E3 region of canine adenovirus type-2 in plasmid pVAX-E3(7.86kb) was deleted by Dra Ⅲ/SspⅠdouble digestion, and an expression ..., Abstract
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In this study, the major antigenic region of spike (S) gene of Canine coronavirus giant panda’s isolate (CCV strain DXMV) was expressed in Pichia pastoris. The S1 gene fragment encoding major antigenic region of S protein was amplified and cloned into T vector, then subcloned into pPICZαA for ..., Abstract
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Spike (S) gene of Canine coronavirus giant panda’s isolate (CCV strain DXMV) was amplified and cloned into pGEM-T for sequencing. The complete length of spike gene of strain DXMV was 4362 bp, which encoded 1453 amino acids. The initiative 18 amino acids were signal peptide. The homologies of ..., Abstract
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A novel procedure was used for cloning large adenovirus genome fragment by the homologous recombination in E.coli strain BJ5183. The 11.2Kb downstream fragment of the CAV-2 strain YCA18 genome was cloned by homologous recombination, the 1029bp left end and the 970bp right end of this fragment were ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Accordilag to CAV Fip genes sequence,4 paris of primer were designed tO amplify the Fip
genes with PCR method.Complete Fip gene sequences of al1 CAV strains were shown tO be consisted of
1 629nt and 1 63lnt and encoded 542 and 543 amino acids from ATG start cod en.The deduced ..., Abstract
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