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Author [Xiao-Wen Cheng] article list of Virologica Sinica
No ascovirus isolated from China has been sequenced so far.Therefore,in this study,we aimed to sequence the genome of Heliothis virescens ascovirus 3h (HvAV-3h) using the 454 pyrosequencing technology.The genome was found to be 190,519-bp long with a G+C content of 45.5%.We also found that it ..., Abstract
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Baculoviruses are used as microbial insecticides, protein expression vectors, epitope display platforms, and most recently as vectors for gene therapy. Understanding the mechanisms that control baculovirus host-range and tissue tropisms are important for assessing their safety and for improving ..., Abstract
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Ascoviruses, iridoviruses, asfarviruses and poxviruses are all cytoplasmic DNA viruses. The evolutionary origins of cytoplasmic DNA viruses have never been fully addressed. Morphological, genetic and molecular data were used to test if all four cytoplasmic virus families (Ascoviridae, Iridoviridae ..., Abstract
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