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Author [ZHANG Xin-Sheng] article list of Virologica Sinica
Three viruses were isolated from the kidney cell culture of Tupaia belangeri (tree shrew).They would like to replicate in mitosis of TL cells, to produce CPE and hemagglutinin and to hemaggulate the erythrocytes of guinea pig and mouse. The viruses belong to one serum type by hemagglutination ..., Abstract
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Three strains of retrovius, which can give positive results both by ELISA and immunofluoreseenee assay(IFA) with SRV-1 newly have been isolated from Rhesus monkeys(Macaca mulatta) catehed frim three areas of China. It have been confirmed by Western Blot that their seroantibodies response with SRV-1 ..., Abstract
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During 1986-1987, two times of sporadic diarrhea in BALB/c suckling mice and an outbreak of diarrhea in BALB/c and NIH were studied in our breeding farm. The pathogenic agent was identified to be murine rotavirus (MRV) by means of EM, PAGE, infant mice inoculation and ABC antigen location in small ..., Abstract
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