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NAP1L1 has been shown to function in the life cycle of several DNA virus and retrovirus. However, whether NAP1L1 regulates hepatitis C virus (HCV), a positive-stranded RNA virus, remain to be elucidated. In this study, we identified NAP1L1 as a novel binding partner for HCV NS3. Our results suggest ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects approximately 180 million people worldwide. Significant progress has been made since the establishment of in vitro HCV infection models in cells. However, the replication of HCV is complex and not completely understood. Here, we found that the expression of ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) chronic infection is a worldwide health problem, and numerous efforts have been invested to develop novel vaccines. An efficient vaccine requires broad immune response induction against viral proteins. To achieve this goal, we constructed a DNA vaccine expressing ..., Abstract
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Viral nonstructural proteins in both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses play important roles in viral replication. Protein NS38 of Grass carp reovirus (GCRV), has been deduced to be a non-structural protein, and, consistent with other reoviruses, is considered to cooperate with the NS80 protein in ..., Abstract
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To develop an attenuated recombinant adenoviral vaccine against Hepatitis C virus infection , we construct the recombinant adenoviral vector expressing non-structural protein 3(NS3) antigen of HCV(RAd-NS3). The HCV NS3 gene enconding for 329-935aa was amplified from the plasmid pRC/NS3 by PCR and ..., Abstract
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Using HCV NS3 m onoclonal antibody as selective molecule, a 12 m ar phage peptide library
was biopanned and positive clones were selected by ELISA . com petition assay and DN A sequencing.
Eleven positive clones were chosen for DN A sequencing.From the experim ent and sequencing com ..., Abstract
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Full length NS3 gene of a hepatitis C virus was amplified by PCR using plasmid pBAC25 containing HCV nonstructural protein gene as template. The amplified fragment (about 1.8 kb) was cloned into plasmid pQE30 and the recombinant plasmid was expressed in JM109. The NS3 protein was purified by NiSO 4 ..., Abstract
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The gene encoding the core and NS3 proteins of hepatitis C virus was amplified by PCR, respectirely. Two genes were fused and formed the recombinant plamid pHCV CN (Core+NS3) and pHCV NC (NS3+Core). The fused plasmid were expressed in E.coli 06. The pHC CN plasmid expressed fussion protein was ..., Abstract
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The RNA of dengue 2 virus (New Guinea C strain, NGC) was extracted from small amount of dengue 2 virus culture supernatant. The large NS3 gene fragment was amplified from RNA of dengue 2 virus with RT PCR method. The amplified NS3 gene fragment was cloned directly into the pUC18 plasmid vector. The ..., Abstract
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Epitope of HGV NS3 protein was analyzed by Goldkey Program,and according to predicted results,primers of NS3 gene were synthesized.HGV RNA was extracted from patients of post transfusion hepatitis,cDNA fragment of NS3 was amplified by RT PCR.Target gene was cloned into pGEM T vector,and sequence ..., Abstract
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