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Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) is a newly identified virus that causes watery diarrhea in newborn piglets and results in significant economic losses to the pig industry. Since first reported in Hong Kong in 2012, PDCoV has been subsequently detected in USA, South Korea, Thailand, and mainland ..., Abstract
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Pathogenicity of the Diatraea Saccharalis densovirus (DsDNV) was tested on its host larvae. The results showed that up to 4 days after inoculation, no larvae mortality was observed and the infected larvae started to exhibit the infection symptoms from the forth day. After 5 days of infection, the ..., Abstract
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A virus isolate from domestic chicken agglutinated chicken erythrocytes and was found as globular enveloped virion of 90nm-100nm diameters under TEM. The isolate was identified as H7N2 Avian influenza virus(AIV) by HI and NI assays and designated as A/Chicken/Hebei/1/ 2002(H7N2,or briefly as ..., Abstract
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vp2 gene of Porcine parvovirus (PPV) SD-68 strain was cloned and sequenced .The results showed that vp2 gene of Porcine parvovirus (PPV) SD-68 strain was 1740bp and encoded a protein of 579 amino acids. vp2 gene of SD-68 strain exhibited over 99% nucleotide sequence identity and 96% amino acid ..., Abstract
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To create the pathogenicity model of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on macaca rhesus, the macacu rhesus was infected with SARS coronavirus (CoV) was detected in different samples coming from macaca rhesue in different days by virus isolation, immunoflurescence assay, pathological ..., Abstract
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Four field strains of Infections bursal disease viruses (IBDV) isolated in China during 1997~1999 were compared for their pathogenity and sequences in high variable (hv) region of vp2 genes. It was indicated that GX8/99 was a very virulent IBDV strain (vvIBDV), pathogenicity of other 3 strains was ..., Abstract
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The target fragment of HGV genes including C, E1, E2, NS2 and partial NS3 regions was microinjected into the pronuclei of mouse fertilized eggs according to the standard methods. Ten mice containing the HGV genes were identified by the screening of polymerase chain reaction with the primers in NS3 ..., Abstract
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The glycoprotein gene of human rabies vaccine strain (aG), one attenuated fixed strain (CTN 181) and two street viruses were sequenced and the amino acid sequences were deduced. The result shows that two street strains have two differences in nucleotide sequences and one in amino acid sequences ..., Abstract
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The pathogenicity of herpes simplex virus(HSV)in mice宙as observed.The mice appears
syndrome and sign afterinoculation 4 days HSV could beisolatedinthe blood on 2hours po$tin—
fection.The isolation rate of HSV and levd of viremia were increased on 48 hours postirfection.
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In this study, three-week-old mice, 12—14g, were treated by cytoxan three times. They were then injected subcutaneousiy with SA_(14)-14-2 live vaccine, no mouse was killed by the attenuated virus. When the immune-inhibited mice were immunized with the attenuated live vaccine and the inactivated JE ..., Abstract
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It was observed that two strains EHF virus which were isolated newly from patients had pathogenicity on suckling mice.The EHF virus particles were found in the infected mice brain under electron microscope.On IF examination viral antigen could be found in brain, lungs, liver, kidneys and other ..., Abstract
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