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Nullbasic is a mutant form of HIV-1 Tat that has strong ability to protect cells from HIV-1 replication by inhibiting three different steps of viral replication: reverse transcription, Rev export of viral mRNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm and transcription of viral mRNA by RNA polymerase II. ..., Abstract
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Viral protein VP22 is indispensable for the growth and replication of Marek’s disease virus serotype 1(MDV-1). In this study, vp22 gene was amplified from and avirluent CVI988/Rispens strain. Antibodies specific to the carboxyl terminus of VP22 expressed in E. coli were generated by immunizing ..., Abstract
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To develop the pathogenesis of Hantavirus infection, the differentially expressed signal trans- duction-associated genes of integrin in Hantavirus infected cells were investigated by using cDNA microarray. The primary human embryo pulmonary fibroblasts (HEPFs) were infected with Hantaan 76-118 ..., Abstract
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