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VP7 of group A rotavirus (RVA) contains major neutralizing epitopes. Using the antigenic protein VP6 as the vector, chimeric proteins carrying foreign epitopes have been shown to possess good immunoreactivity and immunogenicity. In the present study, using modified VP6 as the vector, three ..., Abstract
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Grass carp reovirus (GCRV), a disaster agent to aquatic animals, belongs to Genus Aquareovirus of family Reoviridea. Sequence analysis revealed GCRV genome segment 8 (s8) was 1 296 bp nucleotides in length encoding an inner capsid protein VP6 of about 43kDa. To obtain in vitro non-fusion expression ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The capsid protein gene(vp60)of Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)isolate NJ85
was amplified and sequenced.vp60 gene of NJ85 was in size of 1 740nt an d encoding 579aa.
Comparison with other Chinese field isolates W X84 an d TP showed that the homology were 92.7% an d ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The capsid protein(VP60)gene of Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)isolate WX84
was amplified by RT.PCR and cloned into pGEM R-T vector for sequence.Th e sequence an alysis
showed that the nucleotide sequence of the vp60 gene of WX84 was 1 740 bp an d encoding a protein of ..., Abstract
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