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Diverse species of rodents and shrews,which are abundant worldwide,harbor a variety of viruses; some of these are closely related to human viruses and possess zoonotic potential.Previously studies have demonstrated that the mammarenavirus and hantavirus carried by rodents or shrews could cause ..., Abstract
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Hantaviruses belong to the family Bunyaviridae and cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in humans. β3 integrins, including αVβ3 and αIIbβ3 integrins, act as receptors on endothelial cells and play key roles in cellular ..., Abstract
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Hantaviruses are comprised of tri-segmented negative sense single-stranded RNA, and are members of the Bunyaviridae family. Hantaviruses are distributed worldwide and are important zoonotic pathogens that can have severe adverse effects in humans. They are naturally maintained in specific ..., Abstract
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The clinical value of the detection Hanta virus antigenemia in Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in patients with Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome was evaluated. Samples from 32 cases with varying degrees of HFRS were subjected to quantitative detection for HV membrane antigen in PBMC ..., Abstract
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The effects of the M gene on the molecular epidemiological characteristics of the Hantavirus ZT10 strain isolated from M. arvalis was investigated. The gene was amplified by RT-PCR and yielded the expected product of 3651 bp. The amplified fragment was then cloned into the T vector and confirmed by ..., Abstract
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In order to understand the genetic diversity and distribution of Hantavirus (HV) in different tissues of wild brown rats, we amplified the partial M segment of HV from various organs of 20 hantavirus positive Rattus norvegicus individuals which were collected from Beijing. Then the amplicons were ..., Abstract
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Bacterial and synthetic DNA containing CpG dinucleotides in specific sequence contexts are being tested as immune adjuvants in many disease settings. To study the immune responses induced by the CpG-enhanced plasmid DNA vector encoding hantavirus nucleiocapsid protein. BALB/c mice were immunized ..., Abstract
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To develop the pathogenesis of Hantavirus infection, the differentially expressed signal trans- duction-associated genes of integrin in Hantavirus infected cells were investigated by using cDNA microarray. The primary human embryo pulmonary fibroblasts (HEPFs) were infected with Hantaan 76-118 ..., Abstract
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To establish a rapid, sensitive and specific diagnostic assay for Hantavirus with microarray techniques, specific primers and probes were designed according to the conservative and specific DNA sequence of 76-118 strain and R22 strain. The probes were spotted on glass slides to form microarrays. ..., Abstract
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In order tO study the nucleotide sequence of L segment of Hantaan virus strain 84FI i,the
cDNA of L segment was amplified fragment by fragment by RT—PCR .The purified PCR products were
sequenced directly or cloned into pM D18一T vector and then sequenced.The I genom e segm ent is 6533 ..., Abstract
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Typing RT—PCR was used to amplify hantaviruses genome from peripheral blood samples of
34 patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrom e hospitalized in W uhan.The products contained
within G 1 gene of M segm ent, w ere digested with H in C II and Sac I respectively, thereby, ..., Abstract
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Abstract:According tO Genebank sofeware of HV.the type-specific primers were desisgned cori-~s—
pording tO the conserved sequences in the GI region of M genomic segment of HV.A reverse—transcrip—
tion heminested polymerase chain reaction for HV was developed.Then.RT-heminested PCR ..., Abstract
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To determine the complete nuelcotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain which was isolated from the striped field mouse(Apodemus agraius)in Heilongjiang province of
the Northeast China.the complete nucleotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain ..., Abstract
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Aerosol transmission of Hanlavirus was studled by animal experiments in laboratory and air
sampling in the field A agrarlus were subcutaneously inoculated hantavirus,breed in the chamber
of the upwind and saved as the sources of virus aerosol Sucking mice,weanling mice and A .agrarius ..., Abstract
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0ne of the strain of bivalent HFRS vaccine.Z37 strain was isolated from Rattus norvegicus
and identified aS SEO virus by serological test The M segment cDNA of Hantavirus Z37 strain WaS
obtained by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction,subsequently cloned into pGEM—T ..., Abstract
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Sueking mice.2~3 day after birth,were intraperitoneally inoculated with 0 O5mL F1M lIl
0f Chen Strain Hantaan virus At different time point after inoculation,the brains were taken,rou—
tinely fixed and embedded in paraffin for preparing 5 um serial sections Traditional and confocal ..., Abstract
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The expression vector of anti Hantavirus(HV) capsid protein scFv was constructed by DNA recombination and PCR technique,and expressed in E.coli . The expressed scFv was fused with the phage GeneⅢ protein, and located on the surface of phage.The sequencing of scFv demonstrated that the sequence of ..., Abstract
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Hantavirus Gou 3 strain has been reported by plaque reduce neutralization test (PRNT) being a neutralizing antigen broad strain. In this investigation the Gou 3 strain was purified by double picked up plaques and identified the types using PCR method. The results indicated that the Gou 3 strain ..., Abstract
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Two groups of primers were designed according to the gene backgrounds of prototype
virus of HTN and SEO serotypes and corrected by co mputer.One group of primers was used to
elone entire S gencane segment and partial S genome segment with respect to N.terrmnal,n 1
two cloned ..., Abstract
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Hantavirus (HV) has a tripartite, single - stranded, negative - sense RNA genome. Two pairs of oligonucleotides flanking S segment were chosen as primers for reverse transcription Polymerase chain reaction(RT - nested PCR). The method of RT - nested PCR was used for detection of virus RNA in HV ..., Abstract
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