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Ticks are important vectors for the transmission of pathogens including viruses. The viruses carried by ticks also known as tick-borne viruses (TBVs), contain a large group of viruses with diverse genetic properties and are concluded in two orders, nine families, and at least 12 genera. Some ..., Abstract
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The chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus, which has infected millions of people in Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe since it reemerged in India and Indian Ocean regions in 2005–2006. Starting in the middle of November 2016, CHIKV has been widely spread, and more than ..., Abstract
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Hubei Province is a major epidemic area of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome bunyavirus (SFTSV) in China. However, to date, a few SFTSV strains have been isolated from Hubei Province, preventing effective studies of epidemic outbreaks. Here, we report three confirmed patients (2015-2016) ..., Abstract
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Here, we describe a cell culture-based procedure for isolating the infectious ZIKV (GenBank KU963796) from a human serum sample (ca. 50 μL) with an extremely low viral load (Ct value = 32)., Abstract
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A strain of canine parvovirus(CPV)was isolated from feces of an ill puppy in an animal hospital in Wuhan, China. It was designated as CPV/WH02/06. This isolate was identified as serotype CPV-2a by the hemagglutination test, CPV Ag detection strip, electron microscopy, and PCR. The vp2 gene was ..., Abstract
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In this study, the bacterium strains from Takramagan in Xinjiang, which was characteristic with high temperature and strong ultraviolet (UV) radiation in summer, were isolated, purified and identified. The acetone extracts of 39 isolated strains were measured by HPLC and UV-visible detection and ..., Abstract
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A severe contagious disease broke out in several duckeries in Ningbo, Zhejiang province with the symptoms of diarrhea and grasping. The liver tissues from the dead ducks were collected and inoculated into the allantoic cavity of the 11-day-old embryos. Through purification by sucrose density ..., Abstract
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A virus isolate from domestic chicken agglutinated chicken erythrocytes and was found as globular enveloped virion of 90nm-100nm diameters under TEM. The isolate was identified as H7N2 Avian influenza virus(AIV) by HI and NI assays and designated as A/Chicken/Hebei/1/ 2002(H7N2,or briefly as ..., Abstract
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The PCV-2 positive tissues by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) were inoculated to the PK-15 cells not contaminated by PCV. The viral particles were observed in the infected PK-15 cells by eletronmicroscope .It was concluded that the isolate was PCV-2 and was named SCH-A ..., Abstract
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Nucleic acid sequence-based amplification with electrochemiluminescent detection (NASBA/ECL) of avian influenza virus subtype H5 was developed,comparing with virus isolation in embryonated chicken eggs. The NASBA technique described here can detect three isolates of infuenza A subtype H5 and do not ..., Abstract
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Using two pairs of primer based on conserved sequences of the NP gene of influenza A virus, a RT-nested PCR assay was developed to detect Swine influenza virus in clinical samples. No cross reactions with three other swine pathogens of respiratory disease such as Porcine respiratory and ..., Abstract
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A new picorna-like virus was isolated from dead Evtropis oblique larvae deceased from NPV infection. Electron microscopic observations of purified virions were non-enveloped isometric particles with diameter of 26nm. The virions contain two capsid proteins: 31.5kDa and 28.8kDa, the amount of later ..., Abstract
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Clinical specimens of throat washings were obtained from three patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) in Zhejiang province and treated with Vero, RD, VeroE6 and Hep-2 cell lines for virus isolation. The cytopathic effect (CPE) was detected in Vero and RD cell lines after clinical ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Three H3 subtype strains of Swine influenza virus(SlV),which were named SSH1,SFJ1 and
SHB1,were isolated from Shanghai,Fujian and Hubei.These isolates could grow and replicate in
chicken emb~o,and the hemagglutinin(HA)values were 1:2 ,1:2 and 1:2 ,respectively.The ..., Abstract
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Abstract:To isolate and identify the etiologic agent of severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS),
the throat swabs an d gargle of patients with SARS were collected.We inoculated the specimens onto a
number of cell lines including Vero,Vero E6,M DCK,Hela,Hep一2,HP an d HEL cells.The ..., Abstract
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Abstract:A strain of Avian leukosis virus(ALV.J1 subgroup J was isolated from an adult broiler
breeder folck.which had a history of myeloid leukosis(ML).in Inner Mongolian.Moreover,another
strain of ALV J was isolated from a ML case in Shandong.The two isolates were positive reaction ..., Abstract
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A filamentous virus HN021 was isolated and purified from mosaic leaves of Solanum tuberosum collected from Shimen, Hunan province. It was primarily identified as potato virus X by double-stranded RNA analysis, host reaction tests and morphological observation of virus particles and inclusions. A ..., Abstract
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The influenza epidemic situation in the epidemic year of M arch 200 1 to March 2002 in
Hubei area was analyzed according to the results of isolations of Infzuenza viruses,detection of human
antibodies against Infzuenza viruses and epidemiological survey.It was concluded that there were ..., Abstract
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HAV strains W and X were isolated and adapted to Rhesus monkey embryo kidney(MEK) cells from feces of hepatitis A patients,and identified to be HAV with blocking experiment,neutralizing experiment,indirect immunofluorescence (IF),immune electron microscopy(IEM) and RT-PCR.Antigenic titers of ..., Abstract
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Ten strains of virus were isolated from vesicle fluid of skin lesions of 12 patients with variclla or herpes zoster by means of Vem-E6 eeUs.The postive rate was 83.3% These viruses all cause typical cell damages such as rounded and shrivelled,fusion and fallout.These damages got quick ..., Abstract
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