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Bacterial wilt is a devastating disease of potato and can cause an 80% production loss. To control wilt using bacteriophage therapy, we isolated and characterized twelve lytic bacteriophages from different water sources in Kenya and China. Based on the lytic curves of the phages with ..., Abstract
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Sweepovirus is an important monopartite begomovirus that infects plants of the genus Ipomoea worldwide. Development of artificial infection methods for sweepovirus using agroinoculation is a highly efficient means of studying infectivity in sweet potato. Unlike other begomoviruses, it has ..., Abstract
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RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful tool for functional gene analysis which has been successfully used to downregulate the expression levels of target genes. The goal of this research was to provide a highly robust and concise methodology for in-vitro screening of efficient siRNAs from a bulk to ..., Abstract
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With the specific primers YP1 and YP2 which were designed based on the reported Potato
virus Y(PVY)pl gene sequence,the target gene(0.83kb)was amplified by RT—PCR using the total
I A extracted from PVY infected tobacco plant as templates.The gene was cloned into plasmid an d
tran ..., Abstract
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A filamentous virus HN021 was isolated and purified from mosaic leaves of Solanum tuberosum collected from Shimen, Hunan province. It was primarily identified as potato virus X by double-stranded RNA analysis, host reaction tests and morphological observation of virus particles and inclusions. A ..., Abstract
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Based on the PVS coat protein gene sequence(885bp)a pair of specific primers were de—
signed and the coat protein(CP)gene of potato virus S(PVS)was amplified by RT—PCR.The gene
was cloned into pGEX一2T vector and then transformed into E .coli DH5a.The gene has high homolo—
gy(95% ..., Abstract
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According to the genomic sequence of PLRV S, two pairs of specific primers were designed and synthesized. The cDNA of the replicase gene of PLRV Chinese isolate (PLRV Ch) was synthesized and amplified by RT PCR using the viral RNA as a template. The synthesized 3′ and 5′ cDNA fragments ..., Abstract
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The intergenic sequence (IS) cDNA of Potato Leafroll Virus (PLRV) Chinese isolate was constructed into transformation binary vector pROK2 in positive or negative direction, then introduced into the commercial potato cultivar Desiree via Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated gene transfer. Kanamycin ..., Abstract
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A hammerhead structure ribozyme was designed and synthesized to potato leafroll virus Chinese isolate (PLRV - Ch) genome within 356 to 358 nt "GUC" in coat protein (CP) gene. DNA sequence encoding the ribozyme was inserted into the position downstream from SP6 promoter of in vitro transcription ..., Abstract
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Two specific primers were designed and synthesized according to the genomic sequence ofPLRV reported in literature,The first strand of cDNA was synthesized by reverse-transcriptionusing RNA of PLRV Chinese isolate(PLRV-Ch)as a template,followed by PCR amplification.The synthesized cDNA was cloned ..., Abstract
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The cDNA of potato leafroll virus coat protein gene and cDNA by random primer were used as probe labeled with 32p by nick translation., Abstract
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weet potato feathery mottle virus(SPFMV)was inoculated to I.selosa to propagare by graftingand was purified wirh 0.2mol/L pH7.2 PBK.Further purification of SPFMV was conducted by sucrose cushion and sucrose density gradient centrifugation.Purified SPFMV had a OD260/280 ratio of1.25.Rilbbit was ..., Abstract
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Sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPEMV) was purified from infected I.Nil leaves using ultracentrifugation and CsCl step gradient centrifugations. Virus yields of 13—15 mg Per kilogram of infected Ieaf tissue were obtained. The normal particle lengths of the SPFMV was 820—860nm. The virus ..., Abstract
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A coat protein gene eDNA of a PLRV isolate infected commercial potato cultivar "Purple Flower White" was synthesized by reverse transcription followed by Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification with synthesized 20merand 30mer primers. The synthesized eDNA was cloned in plasmid pUC19 in JM103. The ..., Abstract
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A new detection method has been developed by a new technique of polymerase chaiu reaction (PCR). According to the sequence of PSTVd, two primers were designed and synthesized with automated DNA synthesizer. The cDNA was synthesized by reverse transcription of PSTVd RNA, the cDNA was then amplified ..., Abstract
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The hybridoma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies to Potato Leafroll Virus (PLRV) were established by fusion of myeloma cells SP2/0 with spleen cells of BALB/C mouse immunized with purified PLRV by direct spleen injection followed by two tail injections. The hybridoma were screened ..., Abstract
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Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV), potato virus M(PVM) and oat mosaic virus (OMV)were rapidly detected in infected leaf extracts using immunosorbent electron microscopy. The suitable dilution and time for coating the three antisera in carbon coated grids were 1000 and 1h at room temperature. The ..., Abstract
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The microslide gel double diffusion test was used to detect potato leaf-rollvirus (PLRV). It was found to be sufficiently sensitive for the detection ofPLRV in extracts of infected plants. A 1: 4 dilution of extract of PLRV infectedpotato stem could be detected unambiguously. The sensitivity of ..., Abstract
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