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Dengue virus (DENV) belongs to the genus Flavivirus of the family Flaviviridae and it is primarily transmitted via Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. The life cycle of DENV includes attachment, endocytosis, protein translation, RNA synthesis, assembly ..., Abstract
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The surface glycoproteins of coronaviruses play an important role in receptor binding and cell entry. Different coronaviruses interact with their specific receptors to enter host cells. Lentiviruses pseudotyped with their spike proteins (S) were compared to analyze the entry efficiency of ..., Abstract
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Full-length nucleoproteins from Ebola and Marburg viruses were expressed as His-tagged recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli and nucleoprotein-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) were established for the detection of antibodies specifi c to Ebola and Marburg viruses. The ELISAs ..., Abstract
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The MaMV-DC cyanophage,which infects the bloom-forming cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa, was isolated from Lake Dianchi,Kunming,China. Twenty-one cyanobacterial strains were used to detect the host range of MaMV-DC. Microcystic aeruginosa FACHB-524 and plaque purification were used to isolate ..., Abstract
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Coronaviruses (CoVs) are generally associated with respiratory and enteric infections and have long been recognized as important pathogens of livestock and companion animals. Mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) is a widely studied model system for Coronavirus replication and pathogenesis. In this study, we ..., Abstract
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Molecules can enter the nucleus by passive diffusion or active transport mechanisms, depending on their size. Small molecules up to size of 50-60 kDa or less than 10 nm in diameter can diffuse passively through the nuclear pore complex (NPC), while most proteins are transported by energy driven ..., Abstract
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The amino acid sequences of the NP, P, M, F, HN and L proteins of the paramyxovirus Tianjin strain were analyzed by using the bioinformatics methods. Phylogenetic analysis based on 6 structural proteins among the Tianjin strain and 25 paramyxoviruses showed that the Tianjin strain belonged to the ..., Abstract
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The three immediate-early proteins of HSV-1, ICP0, ICP22, and ICP27, have specific and pivotal functions in transcriptional activation and inhibition, multiple regulatory and control processes of viral genes. In this paper, the expression and localization of these three proteins were studied in ..., Abstract
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White spot syndrome virus (WSSV), a unique member within the virus family Nimaviridae, is the most notorious aquatic virus infecting shrimp and other crustaceans and has caused enormous economic losses in the shrimp farming industry worldwide. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of WSSV ..., Abstract
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The continued development of new cell culture technology is essential for the future growth and application of insect cell and baculovirus biotechnology. The use of cell lines for academic research and for commercial applications is currently dominated by two cell lines; the Spodoptera frugiperda ..., Abstract
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Using a pair of specific primers designed according to the nucleotide sequence of Japanese encephalitis virus and Hameoaggulatinin of Human influenza virus from GenBank, the gene of JEV E protein’s main antigenic domain including the sequence of Human influenza virus ha gene was amplified with PCR ..., Abstract
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To study the association of heat-shock protein GRP94 an d HSP27 with Hantaan virus
nucleocapsid protein(HTNV—NP)during viral replication,new—bom mice less than 72h of age were
experimentally infected with Hantaan virus intracerebrally.Brains of mi ce at the 8th day post-infection ..., Abstract
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Abstract:To question the reason of CO—localization of hDaxx and PM L in PODs disrupted by Aden—
ovirus(Ad)E1 B 55一kilodalton oncoproteins(Ad E1 B 55kD),the interaction of Ad E1 B 55kD with
hDaxx was analyzed by the yeast two-hybrid assay, and the direct binding of Ad E1 B 55kD with ..., Abstract
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In order to investigate the stress response in the cells infected with Hantaan virus and the relationship between the expression of HSP70 and the virus replication, the Vero E6 cells infected with Hantaan virus (A9 strain) were detected by immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. The results ..., Abstract
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The fermentation broth of yeast strain SH\-2?(FSH\-2) which could enhance the biological potency of human interferon alpha (huIFN α) was detected. Its enhancing ratio was 1.64~6.86 fold. A group of proteins was seperated and purified from the fermentation supernatant by chromatography on ..., Abstract
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A cell line persistently infected by Hepatitis A virus (HAV) was ultilized to produce high yield viral particles of HAV. HAV particles were recovered in a single ultracentrifugation step through discontinuous sucrose/glycerol density gradients. Three kinds of major structural protein of HAV were ..., Abstract
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With in situ hybridization technique the localization and distribution of HSP70 mRNA and Hantaan virus RNA in the tissues of 30 cadavers with epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF), which were collected from different EHF epidemic foci in China, were examined. HSP70 mRNA was detected in most of the ..., Abstract
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In order to find new anti human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ribosome inactivating proteins (RIPs), the anti HIV activities of 47 RIPs and crude proteins from 17 species of plants were examined by the following measurements: 1) the inhibition of syncytia formation; 2) the protection of HIV 1 ..., Abstract
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In this study we developed a method for characterization of the leetin binding properties of D2V by a panal of lectins with different sugar specificity. The dengue-2 virus(D2V) (New Guinea C strain) was cultured in Aedes alhopietus C6/36 cells. The virus-speeific and cellular proteins of the ..., Abstract
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