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Rabies is one of the most dangerous and widespread zoonosis and is characterized by severe neurological signs and a high case-mortality rate of nearly 100%. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent rabies in humans and animals. In this study, the relationship between exhaustive exercise and ..., Abstract
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Rabies remains a public health threat that kills approximately 59,000 people worldwide each year, most of which are from the developing countries of Africa and Asia where dog rabies are endemic. Therefore,developing an affordable and efficacious vaccine is crucial for rabies control in these ..., Abstract
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Rabies virus (RABV) is a highly neurotropic virus that follows clathrin-mediated endocytosis and pH-dependent pathway for trafficking and invasion into endothelial cells.Early (Rab5,EEA1) and late (Rab7,LAMP1) endosomal proteins play critical roles in endosomal sorting,maturity and targeting ..., Abstract
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Rabies, a zoonotic disease, causes > 55,000 human deaths globally and results in at least 500 million dollars in losses every year. The currently available rabies vaccines are mainly inactivated and attenuated vaccines, which have been linked with clinical diseases in animals. Thus, a ..., Abstract
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The World Health Organization (WHO) standard assay for determining levels of the rabies virus neutralization antibody (RVNA) is the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT), which is used to evaluate the immunity effect after vaccination against rabies. For RFFIT, CVS-11 was used as the ..., Abstract
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An epidemic of Chinese ferret badger-associated human rabies was investigated in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province and rabies viruses isolates from ferret badgers in different districts in Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces were sequenced with their nucleotides and amino acids and aligned for ..., Abstract
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To understand the molecular characteristics of China human rabies vaccine strains, we report the full-length genome of the aG strain and present a comprehensive analysis of this strain and almost all available lyssavirus genomes (58 strains) from GenBank (as of Jan 6, 2011). It is generally ..., Abstract
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In the present study, we examined the codon usage bias between pseudorabies virus (PRV) US1 gene and the US1-like genes of 20 reference alphaherpesviruses. Comparative analysis showed noticeable disparities of the synonymous codon usage bias in the 21 alphaherpesviruses, indicated by codon ..., Abstract
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Presently the gold standard diagnostic technique for rabies is the direct immunofluorescence assay ( dFA) which is very expensive and requires a high level of expertise. There is a need for more economical and user friendly tests, particularly for use in developing countries. We have established ..., Abstract
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Potency is one of the most important indexes of inactivated vaccines. A number of methods have been established to assay the potency, of which the NIH test and single-dose mouse protection test are the “prescribed methods”. Here, we report a method to semi-quantitatively assay ..., Abstract

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The epidemic of rabies has rapidly increased and expanded in Yunnan province in recent years. In order to further analyze and understand the etiological reasons for the rapid expansion of rabies in Yunnan, a strain of rabies virus CYN1009D in Yunnan was isolated, and the complete genomic sequencing ..., Abstract
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In recent years (2007 to 2011), although the overall number of rabies cases in China has decreased, there is evidence of emerging or re-emerging cases in regions without previous rabies cases or with low incidence of rabies. To investigate the origin and the factors affecting the spread of rabies ..., Abstract
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To provide a foundation for the development of rapid and specific methods for the diagnosis of rabies virus infection, anti-rabies virus monoclonal antibodies were prepared and rabies virus nucleoprotein and human rabies virus vaccine strain (PV strain) were used as immunogens to immunize 6-8 week ..., Abstract
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To analyze features of the rabies epidemic in China between 2007 and 2011, identify factors influencing the epidemic and to provide a scientific basis for further control and prevention of rabies, Descriptive epidemiological methods and statistical analysis was used on data collected from the ..., Abstract
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In this study, we determined the complete nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of a primary isolate of rabies virus (SH06) obtained from the brain of a rabid dog. The overall length of the genome was 11 924 nucleotides. Comparison of the genomic sequence showed the homology of SH06 at ..., Abstract
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lacZα-mini-attTn7 was inserted into the intergenic region between the gG and gD genes in a PRV bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) by homologous recombination in E. coli. The resulting recombinant BAC (pBeckerZF1) was confirmed by PCR and sequencing. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene was then ..., Abstract
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Saliva and blood were collected from two patients who had not received post exposure prophylaxis in the cities of Wenzhou and Xinning respectively. Both patients were confirmed as positive for rabies by detection of rabies virus specific nucleoprotein antibodies in the sera by Western Blot. ..., Abstract
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A group of 25 rabies viruses (RABVs), recovered from 24 dogs and one human case, were collected from various areas in China between 2004 and 2006. Genetic and phylogenetic analyses of the G-L intergenic region were carried out in 25 street RABV isolates and CTN vaccine strains of 7 generations. The ..., Abstract
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Abstract:EP0, an early protein gene of pseudorabies virus (PRV), plays important roles in viral replication and possibly in PRV latency. In order to select an siRNA that specifically inhibits the expression of EP0, three siRNA templates, EP04, EP08 and EP12, were designed and synthesized according ..., Abstract
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A fluorescent quantitative PCR (FQ-PCR) method based on sequences of the conserved gE of the PRV genome was established and evaluated after selection of optimal reaction conditions. A pair of primers and a fluorescent TaqMan probe specific for gE gene were designed and used. We compared the FQ-PCR ..., Abstract
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