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Articles list with the same subject [serology] of Virologica Sinica
In the absence of serum panels from individuals with absolute defined infection status, sera from experimentally infected monkeys were generated to cover all four infection scenarios with Zika or dengue virus alone as well as Zika infection followed by dengue and dengue infection followed by Zika. ..., Abstract
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In this study, the coding region of type O FMDV capsid protein VP1 and a series of codon optimized DNA sequences coding for VP1 amino acid residues 141-160 (epitope1), tandem repeat 200-213 (epitope2 (+2)) and the combination of two epitopes (epitope1-2) was genetically cloned into the prokaryotic ..., Abstract
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We investigated the infection of Avian leukosis virus subgroup J myelocytomatosis using
EI ISA method in Inner Mongolia Region.The result indicated that the meat—type flocks of three dif—
ferent farms infection rate'.of ALV—J were 28.12%(9/32)、9.38%(3/32)and ..., Abstract
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An isolate of rice stripe virus (designated as RSVYL) was purified. The particlesshowed to be pleomorphisms under electron microscope, mainly branched filamnts of about 80-250 nm in length and abeut 8 nm in width. There are also some open circular filaments of 3nm and 8 nm in width, and some ..., Abstract
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Serological characterization of three strains (BS, CS and MM) from Guangdong and one strain (HI) from Hawaii of cucumber mosaic virus infecting banana were first studied. These fourstrains were confirmed to belong to CMV DTL serotype. The serological relationships between BSand CS were closed while ..., Abstract
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A filemental virus was detected from natural-infected Z. aethiopica showing mosaic and distortion symptoms in Hangzhou,Beijing and Shanghai. The average length of the virus paticles was 745nm and the most distribution was 720-750nm. The virus became strongly decorated with an antiserum of Dasheen ..., Abstract
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According to length estimation of virus particles and the results of F (ab′)_2-ELISA and ISEM tests, barley mild mosaic virus(BaMMV) was recognized with complex infection of barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV) in barley cultivar "Yanfuaizhuo 3" grown in soil from viruses contaminated field at ..., Abstract
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