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The chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-transmitted alphavirus, which has infected millions of people in Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe since it reemerged in India and Indian Ocean regions in 2005–2006. Starting in the middle of November 2016, CHIKV has been widely spread, and more than ..., Abstract
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Nucleic acid sequence-based amplification with electrochemiluminescent detection (NASBA/ECL) of avian influenza virus subtype H5 was developed,comparing with virus isolation in embryonated chicken eggs. The NASBA technique described here can detect three isolates of infuenza A subtype H5 and do not ..., Abstract
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Using two pairs of primer based on conserved sequences of the NP gene of influenza A virus, a RT-nested PCR assay was developed to detect Swine influenza virus in clinical samples. No cross reactions with three other swine pathogens of respiratory disease such as Porcine respiratory and ..., Abstract
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Clinical specimens of throat washings were obtained from three patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) in Zhejiang province and treated with Vero, RD, VeroE6 and Hep-2 cell lines for virus isolation. The cytopathic effect (CPE) was detected in Vero and RD cell lines after clinical ..., Abstract
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The influenza epidemic situation in the epidemic year of M arch 200 1 to March 2002 in
Hubei area was analyzed according to the results of isolations of Infzuenza viruses,detection of human
antibodies against Infzuenza viruses and epidemiological survey.It was concluded that there were ..., Abstract
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strain of new virus was isolated from fledgling budgetigars.The viruses were purified byusing Sepharose-2B chromatography.The size fo the virions was about 50 nm by electronic mi-croscopy.Pure virions were inoculated to healthy young fledgling budgerigars(not older than 5days).All of the birds were ..., Abstract
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eripheral blood samples from patients with exanthem subitum and lymphoproliferative dis-orders were collected.Mononuclear cells were separated from patients blood and were cultured invitro.As a result,virus strains were isolated from the peripheral blood mononuclaear cells of sevenpatients with ..., Abstract
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Isolation and characterization of a H isolate of enterovirus type 71 (E71) from the vesicle fluid of hand-foot-mouth disease have been reported in present study.The H isolate can grow at primary human embryo lung cells, MA104 cells, and BSC cells and results in a typical enterovirus cytopathic ..., Abstract
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