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Cover image, 2015(3), Virologica Sinica
at :2015/7/8 11:40:21    

Immunofluorescence microscopy of a chimeric mouse liver repopulated with human hepatocytes.
Productive infection of human hepatocytes within a chimeric mouse by hepatitis C virus (HCV) reveals antagonism of the RIGI- like receptor pathway. Due to cleavage of the central adaptor protein MAVS, HCV (green) infected hepatocytes do not exhibit nuclear translocation of the innate immune activating transcription factor IRF3 (red). Evasion of the innate immune system is a central event in HCV establishing chronic infection and inducing hepatocellular carcinoma. Read more about the RIG-I-like receptors signaling in the innate antiviral immunity from the review article wrote by John Errett and Michael Gale (p163-173). (Image courtesy of Nanette Crochet from the Gale laboratory.)
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