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Congratulations! One of VS’ Editorial Board members, Dr. Deyin Guo published an article on Nature Immunology
at :2015/12/24 14:25:22    

Dr. Deyin Guo, the professor of Wuhan University, published an article “The tumor suppressor PTEN has a critical role in antiviral innate immunity” on Nature Immunology on December 21, 2015. 

Dr. Deyin Guo is a member of Virologica Sinica Editorial Board. He is actively participating in the developments of the journal, such as reviewing and inviting articles. An upcoming special issue on “Coronaviruses” organized by Drs. Deyin Guo, Zhengli Shi and Peter J.M. Rottier will be published on the first issue of 2016 in VS. More details about the special issue please click here.


The article link: http://www.nature.com/ni/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/ni.3311.html

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