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VS好文推荐 | 病毒相关研究方法学专题 (2015–2016)
at :2017/8/2 13:16:22    


1. Three-dimensional cell culture models for investigating human viruses    
Bing He, Guomin Chen, Yi Zeng    
Virol Sin, 2016, 31(5):363-379. 

2. Assembly of long DNA sequences using a new synthetic Escherichia coli-yeast shuttle vector    
Zheng Hou, Zheng Zhou, Zonglin Wang, Gengfu Xiao 
Virol Sin, 2016, 31(2):160-167. 


3. Using the inverse Poisson distribution to calculate multiplicity of infection and viral replication by a high-throughput fluorescent imaging system
Robert William Figliozzi, Feng Chen, Albert Chi, Shao-Chung Victor Hsia    
Virol Sin, 2016, 31(2):180-183. 

4. Virus like particle-based vaccines against emerging infectious disease viruses    
Jinliang Liu, Shiyu Dai, Manli Wang, Zhihong Hu, Hualin Wang, Fei Deng    
Virol Sin, 2016, 31(4):279-287. 


5. CRISPR/Cas9-based tools for targeted genome editing and replication control of HBV    
Cheng Peng, Mengji Lu, Dongliang Yang    
Virol Sin, 2015, 30(5):317-325.

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