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Special Issue on Herpesviruses
Editor(s): Min-Hua Luo, PhD, Professor; Hua Zhu, PhD, Professor; Klaus Früh, PhD, Professor
Wuhan Institute of Virology, China; Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, USA; Oregon Health & Science University, USA
The special issue included perspectives, minireviews, research articles, and brief communications. All manuscripts accepted will be waived for publication charge. And all submitted manuscripts will be processed following the standard journal procedure such as being screened by editors and peer-reviewing.
Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is the causative agent of varicella (chicken pox) and herpes zoster (shingles). After primary infection, the virus remains latent in sensory ganglia, and reactivates upon weakening of the cellular immune system due to various conditions, erupting from sensory neurons ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Monkey B virus (Macacine herpesvirus 1; BV) is noted for its extreme neurovirulence in humans. Since the vhs protein encoded by the UL41 gene has been shown to be a neurovirulence factor in the related human herpes simplex viruses, the role of the UL41 gene in BV neurovirulence was investigated. BV ..., Abstract
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Herpesviruses are a prominent cause of human viral disease, second only to the cold and influenza viruses. Most herpesvirus infections are mild or asymptomatic. However, when the virus invades the eye, a number of pathologies can develop and its associated sequelae have become a considerable source ..., Abstract
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Three crucial hurdles hinder studies on human cytomegalovirus (HCMV): strict species specifi city, differences between in vivo and in vitro infection, and the complexity of gene regulation. Ever since the sequencing of the whole genome was fi rst accomplished, functional studies on individual genes ..., Abstract
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