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Special Issue on Chronic Viral Infections and Immunomodulation
Editor(s): Mengji Lu, PhD, Professor
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Viral infection in human induces various levels of host immune response, through which the host aims to eliminate those intruders. However, some viruses could often evade immune system and result in chronic infections. Almost 500 million people world-wide are chronically infected with hepatitis B and C viruses and human immune deficiency virus. Thus, a special issue focusing on the interaction of the host immune system with HBC, HCV, and HIV, and new immunomodulations of these chronic viral diseases is presented as the first issue of 2014 in Virologica Sinica. The cover depicts hepatitis C viruses approaching the B lymphocyte.
When you closely read the papers in this issue, you may find those researches are commonly founded by a so-called TRR60 program. The Transregional Collaboration Re-search Project (TRR) is a highly ranked program of German Research Foundation (DFG) to support the scientific competence with a strong ..., Abstract
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Chronic hepatitis B virus (CHB) is currently treated with either interferon-based or nucleot(s)ide-based antiviral therapies. However, treatment with pegylated interferon alpha results in a durable antiviral response in only about 30% patients and is associated with side effects. Most patients ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is still a worldwide health problem; however, the current antiviral therapies for chronic hepatitis B are limited in efficacy. The outcome of HBV infection is thought to be the result of complex interactions between the HBV and the host immune system. While the ..., Abstract
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Ficolins are serum complement lectins, with a structure similar to mannose-binding lectin (MBL) and lung surfactant protein (SP)-A and SP-D. Ficolins activate the lectin complement system and play important roles in host innate immunity. Ficolins are members of the collectin family of proteins ..., Abstract
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Research Article
For subunit vaccines, adjuvants play a key role in shaping the magnitude, persistence and form of targeted antigen-specific immune response. Flagellin is a potent immune activator by bridging innate inflammatory responses and adaptive immunity and an adjuvant candidate for clinical application. ..., Abstract
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Research Article
HIV-1 evolves strongly and undergoes geographic differentiation as it spreads in diverse host populations around the world. For instance, distinct genomic backgrounds can be observed between the pandemic subtype B, prevalent in Europe and North-America, and its offspring clade B' in East Asia. Here ..., Abstract
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Research Article
The suppressive capacity of regulatory T cells (Tregs) has been extensively studied and is well established for many diseases. The expansion, accumulation, and activation of Tregs in viral infections are of major interest in order to find ways to alter Treg functions for therapeutic benefit. Tregs ..., Abstract
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Research Article
Subgenomic replicons of hepatitis C virus (HCV) have been widely used for studying HCV replication. Here, we report a new subgenomic replicon based on a strain isolated from a chronically infected patient. The coding sequence of HCV was recovered from a Chinese chronic hepatitis C patient ..., Abstract
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