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“VS Highly Cited Paper Award” in 2018 announced!

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We are pleased to announce that Virologica Sinica has formally established an annual award “VS Highly Cited Paper Award” since 2017. The authors of the awarded articles will be recognized with a certificate personally signed by the editor-in-chief.

Selection criteria:
Based on the core database of Web of Science–SCIE, most cited articles were selected according to the citations of the articles published between 2013 and 2017 (previous awarded papers are excluded). The awarded papers in 2018 are as following:

1 New therapeutic vaccination strategies for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B
Jia Liu, Anna Kosinska, Mengji Lu, Michael Roggendorf
2014, Vol. 29 (1): 10–16.
Times cited: 30

2. Viral respiratory infections among Hajj pilgrims in 2013
Osamah Barasheed, Harunor Rashid, Mohammad Alfelali, Mohamed Tashani, Mohammad Azeem, Hamid Bokhary, Nadeen Kalantan, Jamil Samkari, Leon Heron, Jen Kok, Janette Taylor, Haitham El Bashir, Ziad A. Memish, Elizabeth Haworth, Edward C. Holmes, Dominic E Dwyer, Atif Asghar, Robert Booy
2014, Vol.29 (6): 364–371.
Times cited: 23

3. Ficolins and infectious diseases
Yushan Ren, Quanquan Ding, Xiaolian Zhang
2014, Vol.29 (1): 25–32.
Times cited: 20

4. Current status of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in China
Jianbo Zhan, Qin Wang, Jing Cheng, Bing Hu, Jing Li, Faxian Zhan, Yi Song, Deyin Guo
2017, Vol.32 (1): 51–62.
Times cited: 18

5. Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 Clade virus in migratory birds, 2014–2015
Yuhai Bi, Jianjun Chen, Zhenjie Zhang, Mingxin Li, Tianlong Cai, Kirill Sharshov, Ivan Susloparov, Alexander Shestopalov, Gary Wong, Yubang He, Zhi Xing, Jianqing Sun, Di Liu, Yingxia Liu, Lei Liu, Wenjun Liu, Fumin Lei, Weifeng Shi, George F. Gao
2016, Vol.31 (4): 300–305,
Times cited: 16

6. Respiratory virus multiplex RT-PCR assay sensitivities and influence factors in hospitalized children with lower respiratory tract infections
Jikui Deng, Zhuoya Ma, Wenbo Huang, Chengrong Li, Heping Wang, Yuejie Zheng, Rong Zhou, Yi-Wei Tang
2013 Vol. 28 (2): 97–102.
Times cited: 16